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A Unique Mediterranean Dining Experience in Las Vegas

Layla Grill and Hookah Lounge offers a menu of tantalizing and exotic homemade dishes that will satisfy even the most demanding palate, an impressive sound system, eclectic rhythms, diverse offerings and a lively staff. Layla’s is where the old world meets the new world. From its comfortable red tone settings, array of hookah flavors, and Mediterranean dishes that will trick your mind into believing you are in a faraway land, we offer a combination of everything you need to be transported into a world of culture and delight.

With over 50 selections of hookah flavors, food, beers, and other drinks, Layla Grill and Hookah is the ideal spot for a relaxed weeknight hangout or a great party on the weekends. Dazzle your senses with the aromas that come from our unique blend of spices of our signature Mediterranean specialties. Favorites include several variations of Hummus, made according to recipes that have been traditionally passed on for generations. Other popular selections include Kebabs of beef or chicken, an array of salads, fine meat entrees, appetizers, and vegetarian dishes.

Our hookah is served with the most well-known shisha brands in the world and we continuously add new and exciting flavors to complement our authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Enjoy the classic tobacco flavors of Al Fakher, like Double Apple or Mint, exotic Starbuzz Shisha tobaccos, and the mouthwatering batches from Fumari. In addition to the flavors most Hookah lovers are familiar with, we serve our own tobacco brand imported from Jordan. This tobacco offers a rich, robust, long-lasting flavor and is of the highest quality on the market today. We also carry a plethora of other flavors and special organic charcoals. Unlike other lounges, our Las Vegas Hookah lounge gives you a taste of authentic Mediterranean flavors that will hit the spot after just one bowl – Mint, Berry, white peach – tell us what flavors your desire, and we’ll prepare it for you the moment you sit down.

Music is a great part of the Middle Eastern culture and the best way to represent it is by having live music. With live music, an intimate lounge-like setting, appetizers that are quite tasty and main dishes that are cooked to perfection, this venue showcases creativity, while providing a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that encourages you to indulge the senses.

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