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The 6 types of People You Meet in Hookah Lounges

The Hookah lounge is ideal for anyone looking for a relaxing atmosphere to simply socialize and enjoy an evening out with friends. It is the spot to chill, enjoy authentic mediterranean food and open up your senses to tastes, aromas, and even sounds you may not be familiar with. The crowd is mature, diverse, and […]

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Safe, familiar and delicious ingredients are the backbone of the Mediterranean diet

Why has Mediterranean food become so popular in Las Vegas? Perhaps it is the chicken shawarma when it’s served 100% percent authentic, or the rich, creamy hummus which is a bona fide representation of the homeland, or maybe it is the cross cultural mix of Spanish-Moroccan tapas that extends the Mediterranean cuisine and offers an […]

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Among the rich, sexy, chic, and even gangsta – hookah is a common ritual

Smoking Shisha is one of the trendiest new activities among the hip. Hookah has become the hot alternative for smokers and a top choice for hipsters, club goers, and celebrities. Perhaps it is the experience of using an eShisha that is so similar to smoking a traditional Turkish waterpipe, or the spot-on flavors that allow […]

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The Etiquette of Smoking Hookah

Smoking Hookah is a social experience shared with several or more people. The Hookah culture covers history, customs, and etiquette that are still honored today. As the wave of culture continues to spread to newer regions of the world, we may need to be reminded of a few simple “unofficial” guidelines for hookah etiquette. Never light […]

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The Rise of the Hookah in American Culture

Hookah bars are swathed in the charm of what is new, unfamiliar, and unique. Dim lighting reflecting off the smoke hanging in the air; a mild, sweet aroma lingers in the midst. It is so sweet you can almost taste it. So pleasant and pure, and unlike tobacco, it is neither musty nor putrid. You […]

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