The 6 types of People You Meet in Hookah Lounges

August 7, 2015

The Hookah lounge is ideal for anyone looking for a relaxing atmosphere to simply socialize and enjoy an evening out with friends. It is the spot to chill, enjoy authentic mediterranean food and open up your senses to tastes, aromas, and even sounds you may not be familiar with. The crowd is mature, diverse, and in good spirits.

  1. The Curious Chick. “OMG – is that a bong from like, Morocco?” These are the girls who are rather eager to learn about various cultures, try new things, and she is quite open to being “ethnic” for one night. They may appear to be attracted to what is “forbidden” or the edgier side of life or on a quest to get back at daddy in one way or another. She may harsh your mellow with questions like, “I think I’m going to regret this tomorrow” or “Are you sure this is legal?” She may insist you use your own plastic protector tube. Relax, do it and hand her that jolly rancher flavored green apple flavor – something she is likely to be familiar with.
  2. THE FBI Informant. Notice that guy in the center of his cronies – gregarious, yet smooth, and cool as a cucumber. You may find him occasionally taking pics of patrons or pretending to be texting the US government with crucial information that could one day save the planet from destruction. Commissioned to eavesdrop on all conversations, you may find him peering in and out of the lounge in a discreet fashion. Boost his ego a bit with a wink or two. You just might make his night.
  3. The undergrad who has such returned from overseas. He may miss those long mornings he enjoyed lounging at the café in Morocco sipping mint tea and smoking grape flavored Hookah, but his moments in the lounge remind him of the traditions and customs he picked up during his travels. He might begin every sentence with “You know, in Morocco they…”. Ease up on him. He is still getting acclimated to the good ol’ US of A. Give him a week or two…
  4. The bored Middle-Aged Guy. This guy’s got his own little spot in the corner that gives him a first-hand view of everyone that walks through the door. You will notice him talking loudly on his cell phone, enjoying his hummus and although he may be flying solo, you may find him playing backgammon with the regulars, conversing with the staff, and he will be the authority on hookah preparation.
  5. Think Bill Gates…but on a smaller scale. Easily identifiable, these individuals may seemingly possess a higher level of intelligence. You may have made fun of them in High School, and now most of us can only hope to work for them. Their kind may have invented computers, weapons of mass destruction and other inventions that have radically changed the world – but they’re smart, watch movies, play video games, and aren’t afraid to be themselves. The Hookah nerd may even be described as a “hookah ambassador “carrying around a hookah and a selection of shisha tobacco flavors in the trunk of his BMW. He may be the first point out that “Taste is subjective” when you ask for flavor recommendations. The whole concept of Hookah is to bring people together to share an experience – within a single moment of time you embark on that journey together. Think Star Trek…where diversity is always cool.
  6. The beloved hipster. The subculture of young men and women who embrace progressive politics, indie-rock, independent thinking and witty banter. You may find them a little edgy with androgynous hair styles, side-swept bangs, and other looks that do NOT promote the ethnocentric ideals of beauty. They will be part of the crowd engaging in passionate debates about philosophy, music, and politics. Sit back, enjoy the view for a while you will either come across some great revelation or be absolutely amused.
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