Among the rich, sexy, chic, and even gangsta – hookah is a common ritual

July 23, 2015

Smoking Shisha is one of the trendiest new activities among the hip. Hookah has become the hot alternative for smokers and a top choice for hipsters, club goers, and celebrities.

Perhaps it is the experience of using an eShisha that is so similar to smoking a traditional Turkish waterpipe, or the spot-on flavors that allow shisha lovers to enjoy a much safer and healthier alternative without the harshness of tobacco, or the general perception that water pipes are more socially acceptable than cigarettes, whatever the case may be, the proliferation of cafes and lounges offering the Middle Eastern-style water pipes has exploded worldwide.

Hookah – the stemmed instrument that allows shisha to pass through a water basin, dates back to the 1500s in Persia. While its origins are still widely debatable, the Persians are believed to have started the trend of Hookah smoking through water. Smokers can comfortably and legally smoke indoors. The tobacco used in a hookah, as you know by now, comes in a variety of flavors including your favorite desserts, fruits, mixed drinks, candy and an array of spicy combinations.
The most common substance is tobacco soaked in a combination of molasses/honey, glycerin and flavorings and there are tobacco free alternatives and fruit combination that do not contain any nicotine.

Among the rich, sexy, chic, and even gangsta- hookah is a common ritual – and when accompanied with friends, fresh hummus, awesome falafel and empty cocktail glasses, the Hookah experience can bring out the sexy, “gangsta” chill feel in us all.

While women love him and men want to be him, Drake seems to love Hookah. One can say art often imitates life and Drake’s videos often feature him engaging in this pastime – whether at a lounge, on a plane or at home – the rapper can be seen smoking hookah

Former undisputed heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson smoking Hookah in a fashionable fedora.

AJ Maclean, former Backstreet Boys, featured his home as well as his Hookah pipe on MTV’s “Cribs”.

Like shoes and Beyonce…Ladies love hookah too.

Grammy-winning recording artist and one of the featured Divas of “Lady Marmalade”, Mya enjoys a puff or two while celebrating her birthday.

Rihanna is no stranger to late, wild, night parties and backstage antics at concerts, and she embraces all things cultural and eclectic. Wearing a bold-colored Egyptian eye crop top, Rihanna seems at ease moments before a performance while enjoying a few puffs.

Kim Kardashian is surely not one to shy away from all things chic and this celebrity trendsetter could be seen smoking Hookah during her visit to the Sephora store in Dubai.

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