The Etiquette of Smoking Hookah

July 9, 2015

Smoking Hookah is a social experience shared with several or more people. The Hookah culture covers history, customs, and etiquette that are still honored today. As the wave of culture continues to spread to newer regions of the world, we may need to be reminded of a few simple “unofficial” guidelines for hookah etiquette.

  1. Never light your cigarette using charcoal. It considered rather rude among traditional hookah smokers.
  2. Be mindful about not smoking in another person’s face. Unwanted smoke in your face is considered rude, impolite, and come on, it’s just plain gross
  3. When you are sharing a multi-hose hookah, those of you who are not smoking, should plug their mouthpiece to keep smoke from sucking in air.
  4. Remember to ease into it, take it slow and savor your smoking experience. Smoking hookah isn’t a battle or competition, it’s an activity designed to be shared and enjoyed by others.
  5. Use the hookah hose with your RIGHT hand. The left hand is considered unclean in many countries.
  6. To let others know that you are done smoking, simply wrap the hose around the stem.
  7. Cigarette smokers beware… you may ash your cigarette on the hookah tray.
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